Wednesday, 10 August 2016


My voyage up until this very moment was ever shifting. I have created blogs and erased them, I kept journals and forgotten them. In a way, I hope someone will read this and write back, as I look for other ideas and opinions. In another way, I don't want anyone to read my thoughts because I am but a spec of dust withing this mighty Universe. I know I am not important, so why would anyone be interested in anything I have to say?!

But I wonder: where does this bipolarity come from? How can I be equally one and the other? I think we are as coins, with two completely different faces, yet merged into One.

I often think about the things around me: Nature, human nature, religion, social influence, faith, science and so on. I am quite opinionated but sometimes I stay silent. 

I feel that at this point of life I am drifting, observing and searching for answers to my curiosity. This blog right here will be my collections of findings. 

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