Wednesday, 10 August 2016

creating alternative realities

Last night, a dear friend and I were talking about the people in our lives and the way we behaved towards them and ourselves alike. We tried finding answers to questions that were hoovering above our heads like heavy clouds, forever raining. To understand is to deform Reality, I believe. Reality is but one, it has no other meaning but what it is and that is all. But trying to find a corner of my brain to fit a certain action, all I did was to create a new reality, a personal, subjective spectrum where I was Queen. And that is not good.

I believe that in order to evolve, I must be the one to grow my mental capacities and not to shift Reality to my understanding. A rose is a rose. It is a flower. Is it a beautiful flower if some one else does not like it? Is it an ugly flower? Does it matter? The rose remains the same: one rose, but once we give it meaning, the essence of it becomes something else: it is the flower of love, the flower of emotional expression, the beauty protected by thorns and so on.

Emotions change everything

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